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Singapore Online Boutiques

The ultimate shopping paradise!

Online Boutiques In Singapore
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Online fashion

1) Registration

Online shop owners have to get registered and approved by the moderator. Kindly email your details, along with a scanned copy of your IC front and back, in the following format. You may only black out barcodes and thumbprints. Please put subject of email as: SGBOUTIQUE APPLICATION. Any missing information will result in rejection of application.

Full Name:
LJ nick:
IC number:
Mobile number:
Primary email:
Secondary email:
Account type & number:
Boutique URL:
Feedback URL:
Items selling: Apparel/Bags/Shoes/Accessories/Others(Please specify)

2) Responsibilities of Online Shop Owners in Sgboutique

Ensure that your entries abide to all posting rules & regulations, or else it will be rejected.
Check your emails/comments regularly.
Reply all enquiries and any other emails/comments on time.
Advise correct postage fees/collection methods. Registered mail must be offered.
Collect payment and post out items on time.
If you are away or would not have any internet access, please state the dates.
Check back this page regularly for any changes in rules and regulations.

3) Posting

Only 1 post within 24 hours is allowed.
No sprees/preorders allowed. All items must be instock at the moment.
Maximum 2 photos outside LJ cut. Maximum size of each photo allowed is 300 x 300 pixels.
No large fonts.
Feedback link must be included outside LJ cut.
All external links must be inside LJ cut. No external links should be found outside LJ cut, except feedback link.
All terms and conditions of sale must be included in post.
Mode of payment/collection of item must be stated. Registered postage must be offered.
Plagiarism or use of other seller's photos for own sales is not allowed unless permission is granted. Please state if this is so.

4) Items allowed for sale

Other items will be subjected to moderator's approval.

5) Items NOT allowed for sale

Electronic devices
2nd-hand/used/resale items(apparels, bags etc)

6) Penalties

You will be penalised if you are caught:
- ignoring customer's complaints after purchase is made,
- selling defected/used/2nd hand items,
- only offering normal mail as the only mode of collection,
- scamming,
- breaking any of the rules and regulations stated above.

Penalties to be imposed:
Stern warnings will be emailed for small issues. Further ignorance will result in suspensions or permanent bans.
For more serious issues such as scamming, it will result in immediate ban.

7) Feedback/Complaints

Please email me if you have any feedbacks/complaints against any Online Shop Owners if they fall into any of the categories stated under point 6. Put subject of email as: SGBOUTIQUE FEEDBACK/COMPLAINTS